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Topic of sharing is about How to become a property investor with 0 down paymentI believe this topic will bring a lot of interest to all reader in my Blog.

Currently I  owned 10 properties, herewith some secret and my experience from my investment.
I am a real estate agent and I  started to invest my 1st property at my age of 25, I owned 5 properties at my age of 30. I buy and sell property to make profit.  All the property I bought thru normal Sale and Purchase procedure at my young age.

Three years ago, I start to discover the secret to become an investor with no down payment, and I had managed to bought another 5 properties with 0 down payment, it is a very interesting topic to share? I believe for young investor it is good to start your investment early.

Now let me share with you how I started to buy a property without paying a normal 10% down payment upon signing Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

I discover this investment model during my study trip to Taiwan and when I meet up a young guy and he wrote a book regarding his journey of  become a real property investor.

I read his book and few other property guru on the successful property investment and I start to copy the success model, Generally they are few comment key similar in their success model.

I start to look for the property location nearby LRT and I make a study and survey every day thru Internet and calling the real estate agent who handle the specific property, finally I start my 1st 0 down payment property  investment at Berjaya Times Square.

Here are the 5 keys of successful property investment:




This hotel is centrally located in the heart of the business and shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. Housed within the Berjaya Times Square’s shopping mall, accessibility is the key trait with monorails directly connecting all strategic locations in town right to its doorstep. Well-appointed where every detail is vigilantly crafted to a fine balance, it is no wonder this hotel is touted the preferred destination for business and leisure

2nd Key-RENTAL YIELDS- ROI More than 6%

Calculate the gross rental yield 

Another importance point that all the property investor will look into it, is the Return of Investment( ROI), you must make sure the rental price will be able to cover the installment. It possible after obtaining the property you could put in some money for renovation and you are able to get a better rental.

The opportunity that I had during property crisis year 2009.

The property sell with tenancy of RM2,500 per month, and the asking price RM400,000, I manage to negotiate to RM370,000 and RM380,000

  • To calculate and work out the gross rental yield, you will take the amount of annual rent collected and divide it by the total cost of the property. The result should then by multiplied by 100% for gross rental yield.
Formula =  Rental x 12/ Purchase Price x 100

Rental Yield = RM2,500 x 12/ RM370,000 x 100

                   ROI 8.1%= RM30,000/RM370,000x100


During  purchase the property, the neighbourhood property is selling at RM800 to RM900 per sq ft. I request property owner to allow me to mark up the purchase price so that I could obtain a higher loan margin  from the bank. The sale and purchase price will be based on RM800 x 550 sf, RM440,000 and I immediately make RM70,400 upon purchase,which mean I had made RM128 psf from the property.

For 1st time buyer the loan margin can be up to 90% = RM396,000 

The differential sum of RM26,000 can be used to pay the legal fee or miscellaneous cost inclusive of refurbish the property.


STEP 1- To be able to get a bank loan

The investor will need to have a strong bank statement and payment voucher or income proof to get a higher loan margin.
the tip to beginner and young investor is to get all the family member income to be bank in to your bank account, than upon submission of loan, you will just need to copy all the relevant document into a CD and pass it to all the banker.

STEP 2- To find a reliable banker and lawyer

Lastly get a good lawyer to prepare a Sale and Purchase Agreement and you will be able to get a great discount and big saving in your purchase transaction.

Until then, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, live happy, learn how to become a property investor and achieve financial freedom.

See me personally to find out more or call me at 0122094813,  please  email me at if you like to know more.

You may leave a comment in my blogger.


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