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The Secret to investing in Hotel Suites in KL City Centre unveiled to you by Amenny Chua. Organised by One World Property.

Posted on | March 23, 2012

The Secret to investing in Hotel Suites in KL City Centre unveiled to you by Amenny Chua. Organised by One World Property.
Property Seminar topics include :
How to select a potential investment at the right time?
How to ensure High Return on property investment?
Special sharing in property investment with guarantee returns & profit sharing scheme
Organiser One World Property
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- Hotel Suites for sale, properties in KL, Amenny Chua, One World Property, property seminar, property for sale, property investment


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Malaysia is naturally proud of its national park, Taman Negara, 4,343 square kilometers of virgin forest and home to over 200 varieties of animals and just as many species of plants, trees and blooms.

A paradise, not just for botanists and entomologists, it is a heavenly haven for all who wish to get away from the concrete jungle, and experience the real jungle.

The journey to Taman Negara is an adventure in itself, and as you skim over rivers in narrow boats or motorized sampans, through lowland and cloud forests, you will be serenaded by the music of nature - the chirping crickets, the calls of the birds and the rustling of the wind among the leaves of the trees that are said to be more than 130 million years old. This two-hour journey will take you to the park headquarters in Kuala Tahan, where you'll start your activities.

Taman Negara is a magical place of lush greenery, and its serene tranquility will weave its spell over you as you make your way through the park, be it on a single night safari or a nine-day trek up Gunung Tahan, the highest mountain on Peninsular Malaysia. Walk amongst the tall giants of old - the meranti hardwood trees, and look around in wonder at the seeming ease with which they touch the heavens.

Trekking Trail around Taman Negara

The network of the trekking trails are clearly marked, so it is easy and safe to trek in the jungle and surround yourself in the virgin jungle. Among the more popular trekking trails are , Canopy Walkway & Lubok Simpon - 4 hour, Kual Bukit Teresek a Tahan & Bumbun Kumbang (Hide) - 4 hour, Gua Telingga (Ear Cave Exploration) - 2.5 hour, Lubok Simpon - 25 minutes & Lata Berkoh Waterfall Cascade - 5 Hour
Other Trekking Trails are Bukit Indah, Warisan Hill, Abai Waterfall & Putri Waterfall
Overnight Trekking Trails are Tenor Rentis Trail (16Km), Kuala Keniam – Kuala Tahan Trail (28Km) & Gunung Tahan (55km)



One World Realty Amenny and Ivan Chong  take part of TV shooting program "property hunter"

Here it go.......

Topic of sharing is about How to become a property investor with 0 down paymentI believe this topic will bring a lot of interest to all reader in my Blog.

Currently I  owned 10 properties, herewith some secret and my experience from my investment.
I am a real estate agent and I  started to invest my 1st property at my age of 25, I owned 5 properties at my age of 30. I buy and sell property to make profit.  All the property I bought thru normal Sale and Purchase procedure at my young age.

Three years ago, I start to discover the secret to become an investor with no down payment, and I had managed to bought another 5 properties with 0 down payment, it is a very interesting topic to share? I believe for young investor it is good to start your investment early.

Now let me share with you how I started to buy a property without paying a normal 10% down payment upon signing Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

I discover this investment model during my study trip to Taiwan and when I meet up a young guy and he wrote a book regarding his journey of  become a real property investor.

I read his book and few other property guru on the successful property investment and I start to copy the success model, Generally they are few comment key similar in their success model.

I start to look for the property location nearby LRT and I make a study and survey every day thru Internet and calling the real estate agent who handle the specific property, finally I start my 1st 0 down payment property  investment at Berjaya Times Square.

Here are the 5 keys of successful property investment:




This hotel is centrally located in the heart of the business and shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. Housed within the Berjaya Times Square’s shopping mall, accessibility is the key trait with monorails directly connecting all strategic locations in town right to its doorstep. Well-appointed where every detail is vigilantly crafted to a fine balance, it is no wonder this hotel is touted the preferred destination for business and leisure

2nd Key-RENTAL YIELDS- ROI More than 6%

Calculate the gross rental yield 

Another importance point that all the property investor will look into it, is the Return of Investment( ROI), you must make sure the rental price will be able to cover the installment. It possible after obtaining the property you could put in some money for renovation and you are able to get a better rental.

The opportunity that I had during property crisis year 2009.

The property sell with tenancy of RM2,500 per month, and the asking price RM400,000, I manage to negotiate to RM370,000 and RM380,000

  • To calculate and work out the gross rental yield, you will take the amount of annual rent collected and divide it by the total cost of the property. The result should then by multiplied by 100% for gross rental yield.
Formula =  Rental x 12/ Purchase Price x 100

Rental Yield = RM2,500 x 12/ RM370,000 x 100

                   ROI 8.1%= RM30,000/RM370,000x100


During  purchase the property, the neighbourhood property is selling at RM800 to RM900 per sq ft. I request property owner to allow me to mark up the purchase price so that I could obtain a higher loan margin  from the bank. The sale and purchase price will be based on RM800 x 550 sf, RM440,000 and I immediately make RM70,400 upon purchase,which mean I had made RM128 psf from the property.

For 1st time buyer the loan margin can be up to 90% = RM396,000 

The differential sum of RM26,000 can be used to pay the legal fee or miscellaneous cost inclusive of refurbish the property.


STEP 1- To be able to get a bank loan

The investor will need to have a strong bank statement and payment voucher or income proof to get a higher loan margin.
the tip to beginner and young investor is to get all the family member income to be bank in to your bank account, than upon submission of loan, you will just need to copy all the relevant document into a CD and pass it to all the banker.

STEP 2- To find a reliable banker and lawyer

Lastly get a good lawyer to prepare a Sale and Purchase Agreement and you will be able to get a great discount and big saving in your purchase transaction.

Until then, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, live happy, learn how to become a property investor and achieve financial freedom.

See me personally to find out more or call me at 0122094813,  please  email me at if you like to know more.

You may leave a comment in my blogger.


Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon

April 8, 2012

It's worth investing in property and stocks to FUND YOUR RETIREMENT, and if things turn gloomy financially.

With the benefit of hindsight, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon has a few tips for her younger self.

Dear younger, better-looking, more cash-strapped version of me,

This is your future self writing, martian-tini in hand, from Branson's new space resort. You see, it might not seem possible today but you get your financial act together. And yes, you rocket past your retirement dreams.

But I remember well how stressed you felt in 2012, so I thought I'd give you a heads-up on how you ultimately prevail.

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Sure, things got pretty scary on asset markets after 2008's mortgage-induced meltdown. I painfully recall the trauma of watching shares deflate, undulate and then stagnate.

But growth - a more subdued version - does resume.

However, that's not really the point. The point is that you need to hold some growth assets - stocks and property - to fund your retirement.

Sitting in cash might feel less nerve-racking, but of the 6 per cent you can now earn, half is eaten up by inflation and almost the other half by tax.

What you need is a broad spread of growth and income (cash and bond) assets, remembering high-yielding Australian shares can act like both. This is not just so there's potential for your portfolio to increase but also so the next time an asset class tanks, and at some point most will, it doesn't dramatically decrease.

The key is to ensure your asset mix remains appropriate to your risk appetite and age. Do us a favour and progressively invest more safely.


Hopefully, by now, you've begun to accept an uncomfortable truth - property doesn't always go up, even in Australia.

I recall the 3 per cent national fall in 2011 and also that the performance of suburbs and areas across the country varied quite dramatically. Be aware that if an investment property loses you money each month - because you've negatively geared for the tax breaks - you need a big eventual capital gain to compensate.

Don't forget, either, that your home is one of the most valuable assets you'll own, so you already have a large chunk of cash tied up in real estate.


The real secret to investing is not what you earn on savings and investments but how much you can save and invest in the first place.

Because, from my bird's-eye view, I can see just how spectacular compounding really is. The earlier you start, the easier you will succeed.

Start putting $100 a month into an investment, earning even a modest 6 per cent, at age 30 and by 55 you'll have more than $70,000, more than half of it from investment returns.

If you don't start until 40 you'll need to save $240 a month to end up with the same balance - and only $27,000 will be returns.

Wait until 50 and this leaps to $1000 a month - and you'll have to find all but $10,000 of your total. A hundred bucks a month is the equivalent of one less naughty snack or cup of coffee a day.


Shoring up your future is just as much about defensive as offensive actions. In other words, get protected.

First, a healthy sense of scepticism is one of the best protections going. Never forget if it seems too good to be true, it is - and could even be a scam.

You don't get higher returns without taking a higher risk. Ever. If you can't take on that risk, don't invest.

Secondly, you need to protect your family and also your most valuable asset: your earning power. Take out life, total and permanent disability and income protection insurance as a minimum - today.


The interest savings from repaying debt are enormous - just as compounding works for you with savings, it sabotages you with debt.

If you let a home loan go full term, you can expect to repay far more than double what you initially borrowed.

So don't. Bear in mind that in the top tax bracket you would need to earn almost 12 per cent on an investment for that to be a smarter strategy than simply paying down debt, based on the average 7.4 per cent variable rate.

But the real power of the strategy is that, without the regular commitments of mortgage and debt repayments, there's much more money with which to reach your lofty goals.


Make your money work for you, not just the other way around. And to stay focused on wealth building, treat yourself along the way.

But don't bother saving for the jet pack. Sure, you can buy them now but landings are a bit hit-and-miss.

Stay financially grounded throughout and the stars are the limit.

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Herewith my some beautiful photo taken by photographer in Malaysia.

Here it go...


About Malaysia : A Story of Peace and Stability

About Malaysia deco
Named " the Golden Chersonese " by ancient Indian, Arab and Chinese mariners, Malaysia occupies the southern most tip of Asia as well as the land mass bordering the South China seaboard of the great island of Borneo. Malaysia is located right in the heart of South East Asia and with a land area of 329,750 sq km it is a little bigger than the United Kingdom.
About Malaysia decoMalaysia's multi cultural society today wears the proud imprint of a land that has been for centuries a meeting place for Asia's great civilizations of India, China and Islam.
After gaining independence from Britain in 1957, Malaysia went on to build a rich and stable multi cultural society that today serves as an example for many emerging countries in the world. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. Its legal system is based on that of England and Wales.
Out of a population of nearly 28 million, 66% are Malays and indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak, 23% Chinese, and 8% Indian. Due to its robust economy, Malaysia is also home to hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from other Asian countries as well as a growing expatriate population drawn from every corner of the world.

What You Need To Know

Here are some other details that you need to know ......

Buying your Malaysian Property

Other Details decoForeign citizens are permitted to own real estate in Malaysia without any restriction or approval from the Foreign Investment Committee as long as the price of the property is above MYR500,000.

Applying for Finance

Foreigners buying property can apply for finance locally in Malaysia. Many banks offer attractive interest rate and can offer finance up to 50% of the property price or higher if the buyer has approved residency status in Malaysia.

Signing of Contract

Malaysia has strict laws protecting investors of property. The Sale and Purchase agreement a buyer signs with a registered developer is required to be in a mandatory form and contains all terms and conditions prescribed by law under the Housing Development ( Control and Licensing) Act 1966.

Visa and Residency

Home decoCitizens of most countries do not require visas to enter Malaysia. For the latest requirements please check the Malaysian Foreign Ministry website at
Malaysia grants residency visas to foreign nationals under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program. This visa entitles foreigners to reside in Malaysia and, subject to certain conditions, to work and to run their own businesses.
No residency visas are required for foreigners to purchase property in Malaysia.

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TOURIST SPOT -Cameron Highlands

Welcome to KL Short Stay Apartment and Suites offers a range of boutique style apartments and suites for the increasingly demanding business traveler & tourists.

 KL Short Stay Apartment and Suites offer a host of exceptional amenities complemented by exemplary service to ensure all our guests' needs are met and each visit completely perfect. Our suites are stylishly and tastefully decorated for a comfortable yet homely stay.

All our  KL Short Stay Apartment and Suites accommodations are located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur and are carefully selected so that guests are always 5-10mins walk to:

- major public transports (Pudu Bus Terminal, LRT and Monorail)near Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
- a complete shopping experience from bargains to designer labels plus people watching (Jalan Bukit Bintang and Bintang Walk, Kuala Lumpur)

- good local and street food dining (Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur)

- popular watering holes (Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)


Cameron Highlands, a hill station in Pahang that is renowned for its cool weather and its tea plantations. One of the wonders of Malaysia, it is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country.
Honeymooners will enjoy the cool climate and relaxing pace of life here. This peaceful getaway offers nature-based activities with a variety of interesting places to visit, and to suit all moods.

A place to look out for is The Smokehouse Hotel, an enchanting Tudor-style building dating all the way back to 1937. This pretty place comes complete with latticed windows, wooden beams and is furnished with interesting antiques of the colonial English.

Also remember to ask for the hotel's specialty - Devonshire tea - to while away the afternoon. An English garden provides a peaceful retreat to spend some time in.

Also visit the many strawberry farms and grab some deliciously fresh strawberries, homemade jam, and marmalade.
KL Short Stay present to you the hotels list in Cameron Highlands:
· Aunt Annie's House [T]
· Brinchang Hotel [B] +605-4911755/491212
·         Heritage Hotel [TR] +605-4913888
Highlanders Budget Hotel/Apartment [TR] +605-4914934

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Genting Theme Park

Theme Park

First on the scene in the world of Malaysia theme park entertainment was Genting, a highland resort about 51 km northeast of Kuala Lumpur. Carved out of the Ulu Kali mountain range at 2000 metres above sea level the hill resort soon acquired the tag 'City of Entertainment' because of the range of entertainment activities. Cool mountain air further added to its lure as a place to get away from it all and be transported into a world of excitement.

The Genting Theme Park is divided into indoor and outdoor sections. Indoors, the theme park contains skill games, computerised as well as coin-operated, and an opportunity to go into mysterious landscapes, or experience double action. Space Odyssey 20 zaps you through the darkness of space on a terrifying roller coaster ride.

If you want to get a quick glimpse of the attractions of the world, take the Around the World Train Ride where animated figures dressed in their national costumes will greet you as you pass each country's landmarks.

Genting is also well-known for its casino which offers Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, French Bull and Tai Sai among its range of games.

Genting Theme Park

The resort has three theme parks which are Genting Outdoor Theme Park, First World Indoor Theme Park and Water Park. There are over 20 signature attractions which include:


Known as the ‘Fun City Above the Cloud’, Genting Highlands is the only legal land-based casino, Casino de Genting, in the country and is owned by Genting Malaysia Berhad, a subsidiary of Genting Group.


Resorts World Genting has five hotels. One of the five hotels, the First World Hotel, holds the Guinness World of Records as the largest hotel in the world since 2006, with a total of 6,118 rooms.

  • Resort Hotel

  • Bakery - Pastries, sandwiches & desserts
  • Coffee Terrace - Asian and Western buffet
  • Genting Palace Restaurant - Cantonese cuisine
  • Hainan Kitchen - Hainanese cuisine
  • Imperial Rama - Fine Dining Thai-Chinese cuisine
  • Ming Ren Restaurant - Xinjiang cuisine
  • The Olive - Fine Dining Western cuisine
  • VIP Restaurant - Thai-Chinese cuisine
  • Spice Garden - Indian cuisine
  • Safari
  • Cloud 9
  • All Sports Bar
  • Patio Bar & Lounge
Genting Skyway
Genting Skyway (Cabin View)
Genting Skyway, located at the Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor side of Genting, Malaysia, is a monocable gondola lift serving the Genting Highlands Resort. Its lower station is located near Gohtong Jaya, and its upper station is located at Highlands Hotel of Genting Highlands Resort.
It was officially opened in 1997 by the former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohammad.
The resort has five performance venues.